Our Approach

Our team takes an integrative and comprehensive approach to nutrition therapy that gets straight to the nutrition-related health problems your patients face.

Programs are directed by credentialed health-care professionals and address concerns such as:

Metabolic Syndrome
Heart Disease, Lipid Disorders
Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes
Morbid Obesity
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Irritable Bowel Disease
Celiac Disease
Crohn’s Disease
Ulcerative Colitis
Autoimmune Disorders
Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Care
Help calculating nutrient needs for patients on Nutrition Support

The Vitality Approach is unique in that it combines one to one dietetic counseling with hands on instruction in food preparation and cooking. Our practitioners are trained in motivational interviewing, which is the most effective method of guiding patients to making behavioral changes. Patients become empowered to eat healthfully and learn skills to make life long lifestyle changes.

We also have optional lab testing available for micro-nutrient testing.

Additionally, we offer vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and immune analysis. Lab results come from SpectraCell Laboratories.

We accept most major insurance plans for the medical nutrition therapy portion of our programs.

Classes emphasize preparation of whole plant-based foods including vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruits.  Research supports that these nourishing foods should make up at least 75% of your daily intake. The other 25% high-quality proteins. It is the foundation of good nutrition.

We also offer other wellness services that are stress-reducing and mindfulness into your patients lives. For many patients restorative interventions like yoga, mindfulness meditation can improve quality of life, including overall health, pain, mental state, perceived stress and energy. (1,2,3,4 reference)

If you are health care provider and have questions about or program and services please contact Georgia Saler Histon RDN at 609.904.5627.  Contact us.


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