We Hosted Our First Open House!

Greetings! Vitality Nutrition and Wellness Center hosted its first Open House on Saturday, January 14, 2017. We opened our doors to the public to share a glimpse of our services to the community. Individuals were able to participate in free yoga classes, barre workouts, meditation and cooking demonstrations.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House and those who are supporting this new business!

Although, you might have missed out on open house we offer classes all year round so check out the class schedule. Vitality was created with YOU in mind. The center focuses on providing an environment that nourishes the mind, body and spirit. Owner Georgia Saler Histon, registered dietitian nutritionist, has discovered the path to health and wellness and wants to share the amazing benefits of eating and living a healthy lifestyle. “I opened the Linwood center so that I could offer an array of services to the South Jersey community to heal and improve an individual’s quality of life.” Partner with us to live a lifestyle that makes you feel good and enjoy life.

As you already know a healthy diet is the foundation to good health. Didn’t get to try the heart warming bowl at Open House? You missed out on a delicious meal but no worries! We are happy to share our recipes with you.

Heart Warming Bowl This heart warming bowl features buckwheat soba noodles, delicious vegetables, and an orange-maple miso dressing. It is also gluten and nut free!

3 Function Soup This soup boasts magical powers. It can detox your system, build your immune system and improve your mood!

Eat well, live well, be well!