Barre Classes

Barre Workouts are designed to give you a long lean physique. Most barre methods incorporate using exercises done at a ballet barre for legwork, and glute work.

Floor barre work isolates the core and challenges the body with not only strength, but also flexibility. It combines elements of ballet, Pilates and Yoga.

Our barre class use body weight exercises, light hand weights with high repetitions to increase muscle endurance.

The ballet inspired workout focuses on efficient, tiny movements. You will be challenged to find your working zone, leaving you feeling strong and good about yourself.

Here at Vitality we offer Basic Barre, which is low impact and gentle on the body, with modifications for injuries and limitations. We also offer Barre classes for all-levels. Each and every class has a systematized approach, but is unique every time.

Our barre classes have the potential to reshape your mind, body and spirit. The best part of these incredible exercises is that they promote youthfulness, longevity, long lean functional muscles and an inner calm and relaxed energy.

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