Tortilla de patata

A great start to the day in a sweet little inn. Tortilla de patata. Great morning good for the Camino. Homemade yogurt,fresh pear from Spain and homemade croissant. Important to eat well when walking this much. Also important to be flexible and grateful for what is provided. You get what you need on the Camino. You also let go of what you don’t. We are in Santo Domingo. A town built around a saint. A torn with many miracles. Wish us the best on our 24km today.

Loving this experience. Day 7

We did hike up the mountain on Day 1. The weather was good enough to keep the mountain open, which was worth it. Day 1 was difficult hiking an ascent of over 4000 feet and over 20 miles but each day I know I have confidence in myself that I can finish the day. At this point we have walked over 100 miles. I am vague in the amount, as I will explain in a bit. I have learned the key is staying in the moment. The funny thing is I bought a fitbit for this journey for preparations and so I can keep track of my day. It always worked at home and on day 1 it didn’t hold keep the activity log. Day 2 same thing, day 3 packed in bag and no longer am I wearing. The Camino has a way of getting rid of what

What has been most challenging before the road begins?

Today is day 4. It has been raining all day. What has been most challenging today is traveling the local bus and train systems in Southwest France where I speak very little French. Je ne parle pas francais. I did face one of my fears today. I did not get off at the proper train stop in a foreign country where I did not know the native language. Ooops. It really wasn’t that bad. I had to pull the little French I do know to communicate with the train station to get another ticket to turn us back around on our way to St Jean Pied de Port. I will learn to be more fluent in French before I come back. I was so focused on learning Spanish and the other aspects of preparation I forgot about my F

The Journey of My Lifetime as Georgia Saler-Histon

The journey of my lifetime as Georgia Saler-Histon. The eve of my 1st day on El Camino. I wonder if I have done this before. It’s almost familiar. I watch the faces of other pilgrims beginning their journey knowing we all share something in common and that we have been called to be here now together. Knowing this brings me solace. Kali and I walked into Notre Dame du Bout du Port to light a candle praying to the Blessed Mother for safety and peace for all, there was something at home for me. People have been hiking the Way since the 9th Century. I find it intriguing that when you know when you it’s your time to hike the Camino it all lines up magically for you. Maybe other like myself ha

Why am I Hiking the 500 Mile EL Camino? The Diary of NJ Nutritionist Georgia Saler Histon

In a few days I will be in St Jean de Pied, France beginning my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. I am blessed to begin the first 50 miles with my daughter, Kali, as we start our 1st 19 mile hike through the French Pyrenees. I have been divinely guided to hike the Camino. It’s amazing how I have been thinking of doing this for the past 5 years but I wasn’t sure when or if I would really go. Last spring we we in a Mama Gena’s Women’s Group and we were stating our desires and hiking the Camino was first on the list. It is also in my journals as something I want to do. The difference between my journals and the power of being in a group and stating desires, is they expand when shared in

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