7 Benefits of Meditation We Experience Here at Vitality

Our clients report amazing benefits from meditation. The benefits of meditating that our clients experience are listed below. Many of our meditators report being more patient- thinking before jumping in before reacting. They found that being more patient allows them to make better decisions . Being more present- Meditation brings one on our clients more aware of his surroundings making everything richer and more colorful Many of our meditators found that meditating helps them to sleep better- A study published in 2015 JAMA found that meditation improved sleep problems such as insomnia in adults over the age of 55. They found that focusing upon your breathing and ignoring all other though


Each person is different, and his/her reasons for beginning yoga therapy are varied. Some want to address the physical body, for example, back pain, arthritis, or a recent diagnosis. Others bring mental or emotional needs to the table, such as anxiety and depression. In many cases, yoga therapy has been the last stop, after traditional Western medicine hasn’t brought relief. In yoga therapy, one size does not fit all! Yoga therapy recognizes that body, mind, and spirit are all connected. What affects one dimension, affects all three. So we use this holistic approach to design a yoga practice that reaches all parts of a person’s being, with attention to those areas that are imbalanced. The st

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