You really can have it all.  You just need a roadmap to get there!  Just think: one year from now you could have the health you desire.



Since this program is a combination of one on one coaching as well as group dynamics, you can be assured that this an individualized program to help you reach your goals. 


This program is completely customized for where you are and where you want to be.


Clients can apply, and through a screening process, we will determine if you are ready to make the changes the FoodOm program will bring. 


To find out if FoodOm is the right program for you, book a time to connect and let’s discuss how FoodOm can change your life!


We are now taking applications for the 2020 program!


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"It has been a very long time since I have felt so healthy and knew that I was on the right track for the betterment of my health. Fortunately for me, I found Vitality, Nutrition, and Wellness Center. Georgia has given me the knowledge and the determination to move on to a healthier me. Georgia is calm, kind, and passionate. With Georgia’s help and her constant support, I have lost weight, become more aware of positive lifestyle changes, and have regained my confidence. I have learned to venture into classes such as yoga and mindfulness and realize that this approach is for the benefit of me as a whole person. Georgia, as well as her entire staff, is welcoming and encouraging while the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Every day, I feel thankful to have found Georgia. I would, without a doubt, recommend Vitality, Nutrition, and Wellness Center for valuable nutritional and lifestyle direction."


-- Lisa T.


"Struggling with weight my entire life and then being diagnosed by the doctor as pre-diabetic, and other problems with my blood work I knew I had to do something. I am so glad I found Georgia who is amazing! Her realistic approach and guidance to weight loss, healthy mindful eating is a gift. After working with Georgia for five months everything in my new blood work is all normal! My doctor is thrilled with the results and I’ve lost over 25 pounds. This is the first time I’ve been successful with weight loss. I can’t thank Georgia and the team at vitality nutrition and wellness center for their guidance and encouragement. Georgia’s classes are the best gift you can give yourself."


-- Carol K.



"VITALITY is a place of welcome, warmth and wellness! Georgia's passion for wellness and nutrition are evident in everything she does there at VITALITY. You can always hear her saying "come as you are" and she means it! We all deserve to feel good and Georgia and her wellness center are here to help. I personally started the TLS 21 day Detox/Cleanse and I have NEVER felt this good! My energy level has increased, my cravings for sugar, caffeine and processed foods are gone. This feels like a miracle sent my way!"


-- Stacy D.

Food Om


What would it be worth to you to:


  • Lose the extra weight in a healthy way

  • Not feeling deprived or starved

  • Take the guesswork out of what to eat

  • Gain knowledge about how and when to eat  -- this is just as important as what you eat! 

  • Shift your mindset

  • Have the confidence you once had

  • Have the support you need with a non-judgmental approach

  • Feel sexy again

  • Have a positive relationship with food

  • Discover how keeping your blood sugar controlled aids in weight loss 

  • Have more energy to do what you love

  • Accountability to make sure you stay on task

  • A group that supports you on your journey

  • A  plan for health that does not require you to be in the kitchen 24 hours a day.

  • A plan that incorporates movement that you enjoy and doesn’t involve being in the gym.


To meet your personal and individual needs throughout the program you will receive 6 individual sessions. This is going to be your time, so we can cover whatever topics you need help with.


We use tools that will help you along the way to make sure you are making progress.


You will become the woman you were destined to become.


Food Om is proven to get results.


You know that your current health wasn’t created in a day or a year, and transforming your body and mind is no exception.


It takes time to restore balance and well-being that makes a huge impact, so that’s why we work together for a full year to get you the results you desire.


This FoodOm program is for you if you find yourself always putting others first.  We work through how to balance living a healthy life while still doing what you love like going out with friends, going out to eat, and celebrating holidays and vacations.


The FoodOm program is for you if you always put your career or business first and it is costing you your health.


Here are just some of the things you will accomplish during our time together:


  • Lose the weight 

  • Keep the weight off

  • Eat for your body type

  • Have a positive relationship with food

  • Feel healthy again

  • Wear the clothes you love

  • Feel sexy

  • Have an abundance of energy

  • Balanced mood

  • Live the life you were born to live


If you want to find out if FoodOm is the right program for you, book a time to connect and let’s discuss how FoodOm can change your life!

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