• This test looks at your DNA to determine your predispositions for things like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and more.

  • Our RD will work to create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will allow your ‘good; genes to flourish and your ‘bad’ genes to stay unexpressed or remain dormant

Micronutrient Analysis


 You may benefit from this test if you experience


  • fatigue/exhaustion

  • brain fog

  • depression

This test must accompany an initial nutrition consultation. The Spectra cells Micronutrient test measures 35 specific micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, antioxidants and metabolites – and how they affect the cellular function in a person. Correlating micronutrient deficiencies not only slows aging and degenerative disease progression, but can also prevent, as well as repair, cellular dysfunction and disease.

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