You're invited to join us in February 2020 to discover the power within you to change your life.

Love Your Body is a 12 month program designed specifically for women who are feeling overwhelmed by stress and want to regain control of their health and life. You will learn ways to increase your energy, gain confidence, reclaim your health, lose weight, and live pain free.

What you can expect:

Learn the healing power of your choices

Your body knows what it needs but our lives often make it hard for us to hear what it's saying to us. Empower yourself to take control of your health instead of your health controlling you.

Set boundaries and schedules for optimal health

Learn the power of saying "no" and discover ways to put your health first so that you can access your best self for you and your loved ones.

Detox your body to unleash it's full potential
Keep stress from derailing your health

When we detox, our body functions at a higher level previously out of reach. Experience improved sleep, reduce fatigue, say goodbye to food cravings, improve your mood and more!

Increase your "stress buffer" so you can bounce back when life hits hard. Develop a solid foundation that will support you during life's stressful times.

Develop a positive relationship with food

When our health is compromised, we are unable to live our life to the fullest. Remove the confusion around food and learn ways to love eating healthy. Harness the power of food as medicine to optimize your health.

Ignite your Vitality

Know that anything is possible! Dream Big and use your newly created health knowledge and habits to help get you there.

Increase your internal energy and improve focus

Discover how to streamline your life, conserve your energy and reduce mental chatter to cultivate inner peace.

Support for fine tuning your health

Find solutions that work with your lifestyle and get you to your Goals. Everyone is different...make your health work for YOU!

Private one-on-one coaching sessions

Each group member will receive one 90 minute private coaching session, and five 30 minute coaching sessions. Private coaching ensures that you get the support you need to make your own individualized plan, and that you're able to follow your own goals and dreams, because no two people are the same.

Private Facebook Group forum for support and questions

Your online group is a place where you can find support for your own journey. Use this page as a safe place to get feedback, be seen and heard, share your struggles and celebrate your successes! Remember Support = Success!

Two monthly support calls

Join a monthly coaching call to learn about a new health topic where you will get applicable tips that can be applied to your day-to-day life. You will also have the chance to join a monthly Q&A where you can hear other women's stories and share your own in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Action steps and Done-for-You templates

Get help developing new life habits with easy to follow customized templates (meal plans, how to build a schedule) that will stick with you for the long term!

You will have your own membership site to access exclusive group material.

Events and bonuses

2 Grocery Shopping Tours

3 Retreats: Body Breakthrough, Embody Your Beauty, and Love your Body Love your Life

Exclusive e-book: 5 Steps to Overcome Emotional Eating

Accountability partners to keep you focused on your goal

Develop lasting friendships that help keep you on track through successes and struggles. With a friend, change is attainable.

What people are saying about Vitality Nutrition and Wellness

"I encourage everybody to get involved at Vitality in one way, shape, or form. I really recommend the Love Your Body program, all these women together, supporting each other, encouraging each other. We can't always do it alone. Again,  I am very blessed from above and just surrounded by these amazing women and learning so much. Thank you so much, Vitality. I'm so thankful. “    

-Lisa P.

“I’ve gotten so much from this experience.  When I started Love Your Body I was struggling with being comfortable with myself. I have learned to love myself where I am, and to be OK with myself in this moment. I never thought I would be able to go to a group and find so many true friendships and people who are genuinely amazing.  It has been a life changing experience.”

- Kelly R.

“I came to Vitality Nutrition because I was in dire need of weight loss, healthy eating guidance, and I got so much more. I am just in awe on how much I am learning about myself. I owe it to the classes, the personal guidance, the love from Georgia, Kacy, Cassidy, and all the women that I’m in this group with.”

- Donna S.

Georgia Saler is the founder of Vitality Nutrition and Wellness Center and an experienced Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. She believes that food nourishes the whole being. Her mission is to help others create a positive relationship with food and reap all the amazing benefits of eating a variety of whole foods.

For 30 years Georgia has been eating a plant-based diet, and strives to live more sustainably. She is a retreat leader as well as an international speaker.

Georgia is a certified Tri-Yoga instructor in Basics, Level 1 and Level 2. Her passion for yoga and well-being has led her to teach yoga for over 25 years.

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