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Greetings! I am Georgia Saler Histon, a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified TriYoga instructor. I would like to introduce you to Vitality Nutrition and Wellness Center in Linwood, New Jersey. I created Vitality NWC with you in mind because I discovered the path to health and wellness.

I have had a lifelong love affair with nutrition. My passion began when I was 9 years old. I remember a program my 3rd grade teacher had on healthy eating. I was fascinated learning about eating dates and figs. To this day, they are still two of my favorite foods!

My decision to become a dietitian when I was just a teenager. My grandmother was my inspiration. She taught me about eating healthy, delicious food you grew yourself. I learned about portion control. I discovered that my grandmother’s real foods made me feel better than the processed food I was served at home. My grandmother gave me the book Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe. This book led me on my journey to a plant based diet. It changed my life.

I want to do for you what my grandmother did for me

I love sharing the amazing benefits of eating and living a healthy lifestyle. It is my hope that Vitality NWC to be your home away from home.

I want to help the health of people in our South Jersey Community achieve optimal health, that is why I created Vitaility NWC. Did you know that 65% of Americans are either overweight or obese? We have an epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, GI disorders, and autoimmune diseases. People are suffering. The good news is that these are lifestyle diseases that can be healed with food. At Vitality NWC you will discover that a healthy diet is the foundation for good health.

Vitality NWC offers an integrative approach to health

Vitality NWC offers nutritional counseling that is individualized to meet your health goals. We don’t believe in a “one- size fits all approach”. We look at your individual situation and create a program customized for you.

We also offer nutrition education

We have classes that will teach you the basics of nutrition. You’ll learn which tools, equipment, and ingredients are needed in your healthy kitchen. We offer basic and advanced culinary classes. Look for our gastronomia classeson our website.

We understand that good health isn’t only about food

We know most people live with stress in their lives. It has been proven that when practicing yoga, meditation, and tai chi, health improves. That’s why we offer services for the mind, body and spirit. You can participate in group yoga classes and have private yoga therapy sessions.

Nancy Deckard and I are teaching TriYoga. You can read about this style of Yoga on our website. We have over 30 years of experience between us. Nancy, an excellent yoga instructor and dear friend of mine, has an extensive amount of training. She has a special, unique, and caring way of teaching. She continues to inspire me to have a daily yoga practice, even if its only15 minutes a day. I invite you to discover the healing you will experience from TriYoga or YogaTherapy.

Every Monday night we will have a meditation session with Michele Franey. Michele has been an experienced yoga and meditation teacher for over 40 years. Read about our meditation classes to get an understanding of what is involved.

Barre workouts are also offered at Vitality NWC because I love barre class! I find it is challenging, creates strength, is body changing, and makes me feel sexy! Alison Hess, one of the best Barre instructors in the TriState area, has her own authentic style of barre. You will find this style at Vitality NWC. Alison has an extensive dance and fitness background coupled with a motivating upbeat personality! She will have you eager to workout. I hope you will love barre as much as I do!

People who are healthy have healthy social lives

Vitality NWC is a place where you can meet other people and share the journey of health and vitality. We want Vitality NWC to be your special haven. A place where you design a life filled with vitality, nutrition, and spiritual wellness. Please explore our website for details on the amazing offerings we designed exclusively for you.

Receive Your Complimentary Yoga or Barre Class

Come experience Vitality NWC for yourself for optimum enjoyment and benefit. Enjoy the nurturing environment. Explore and discover the variety of classes and services we offer. As a thank you for stopping by, you will receive a complimentary yoga or barre class, which you can schedule after your visit! Call us at 609.904.5627 to schedule your tour and receive your free class.

Our goal is to make Vitality NWC a healing environment that will nourish your body and soul. We would love to know what you think about our new center. What classes would be of most interest to you? Please put your comments below.

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