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This quick and easy meal can be lunch or dinner! This is fully customizable and very simple to make.

First, I start out with my greens on the bottom. I typically like to use spinach because it is packed with iron, chlorophyll, and carotenoids.

Next, I add my protein: beans! I like to use black beans and vegetarian refried beans but you could use any beans you like.

After my protein, I like to add my avocado for healthy fats. I usually only use half of an avocado and save the other half for my avocado toast the next morning.

Next, I add fresh salsa. If I don’t have any on hand I will just do chopped tomatoes and red onion, but you can add whatever you like!

Finally I finish this with some tortilla strips, a squeeze of lemon juice, and vegan ‘ranch’ dressing.

The brand that I LOVE is Hampton Creek.

*(They’re sold at Target so that’s an A+ in my book!)

Remember: You can add or swap any of these ingredients to make it your own. Now that corn is coming back into season some roasted corn would go great on this dish as well! Remember to buy non GMO corn. Ask your farmer or grocer before you buy. You could also add some brown rice or quinoa to get in some more healthy carbs!

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