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In honor of National Heart Month we want to give you some simple ways to improve heart health RIGHT NOW!

  • Meditation

According to a video posted on the American heart Association’s website, meditation may have some pretty amazing effects on your heart. Doing a short sitting meditation, even just for 5-10 minutes, may have positive effects on your heart as well as helping to lower blood pressure. To sign up for one of our meditation classes click here!

  • Spice Up Your Life

Certain herbs and spices can have beneficial effects on your heart, according to an article on the American Heart Association’s website. The active ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin, has significant antioxidant properties. In rat studies curcumin was shown to have protective effects prior to heart attack as well as after, showing the group receiving curcumin having a better recovery and less complications post heart attack. Simply add the spice to your food, or take in capsule form. Click here to see what turmeric we suggest!

  • Channel Your Inner Herbivore

According to the World Health Organization, eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day can help protect against heart attacks and strokes. Simple ways to do this are to ditch the vending machine snacks and pack some fruit or veggies and hummus. Add a handful of spinach to meals like pasta dishes, smoothies, or egg white omelettes. Add a serving of fruit to your salads or oatmeal in the morning. Add them to anything and everything! Expriment, try new recipes, and have fun!

  • Get Moving!

Studies show that 30 minutes of physical activity a day can improve heart health and cardiovascular function. I know what you’re thinking…

“I’m so busy, I don’t have the time.” or “I’m so exhausted, I don’t know if I can manage 30 minutes a day.”

We totally get that! Don’t be overwhelmed and don’t feel like you need to do all or nothing. Even adding 1 or 2 days of exercise to your routine is an amazing step in the right direction. Take small steps to your bigger goal. Do things as a family like walking the dog or going to the indoor trampoline park on a rainy day (you can burn some serious calories there and keep your heart rate up for 30+ minutes easily!). Run the boardwalk at sunrise or sunset! Power clean your house (scrub scrub scrub!) and break a sweat doing it, this is one of my personal favorites because you get 2 things accomplished at once! But most importantly, make small gradual changes and make it something you like to do! Exercise and healthy living shouldn’t make you miserable, it should make you happy, excited, and empowered!

Feel the VITALITY!

Comment below what your favorite physical activity is and how you work it into your everyday life!

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