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The Journey of My Lifetime as Georgia Saler-Histon

The journey of my lifetime as Georgia Saler-Histon. The eve of my 1st day on El Camino. I wonder if I have done this before. It’s almost familiar. I watch the faces of other pilgrims beginning their journey knowing we all share something in common and that we have been called to be here now together. Knowing this brings me solace. Kali and I walked into Notre Dame du Bout du Port to light a candle praying to the Blessed Mother for safety and peace for all, there was something at home for me.

People have been hiking the Way since the 9th Century. I find it intriguing that when you know when you it’s your time to hike the Camino it all lines up magically for you. Maybe other like myself have thought I would like to do that someday. I do believe that they will. There are so many other pilgrimages in the world. I wonder why I chose this one?

What I love about this journey for me is I am not focusing on the finish or the completion. My focus is on being in the moment. Enjoying the gift of the present with me, my Godself and all living beings of the Camino. I am loving the mystery of what lies ahead.

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