The A*L*L Game is a workshop

for healing and empowerment

The A*L*L Game is the *Awareness, Love, and Light game.  There’s a game board with 7 Life Paths that reflect 7 areas of your life, such as Security, Relationship, and Oneness.  Beginning with a personal intention, as you journey around the board, you discover new strengths about yourself, you gain different perspective about your life’s challenges, and learn tools to make the changes for creating more of what you want in your life!  This workshop is a fun, powerful experience designed to help you transform your life. 

     The 1st time I played The A*L*L Game was in June 2002.  I saw how powerful and helpful this workshop was for each person that day.  I began attending once a month, and The A*L*L Game very quickly became my #1 stress management tool.  I’ve been playing the game for 15 years now, and no 2 games have been the same.  The A*L*L Game has an amazing way of giving you EXACTLY what you need, no matter what issue you bring to the game – money, health, career, relationship, etc.


     The A*L*L Game is a way to become more empowered.  It offers a beautiful space for self-reflection.  And it encourages you to take home and “play” with the empowerment tools & insights you’ve been given to apply in your daily life and watch the transformation take place!  The A*L*L Game is helpful in so many ways, and works on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It has helped me personally find understanding to many of life’s questions, it has helped me heal many wounds from my abusive childhood, it has made me more aware of my strengths and talents and gifts, it has given me tools for self-love and self-care, and so much more!  One player described being less stressed overall in his life.  Another player discovered the positive impact it had on others when she followed her intuition.  Another player was able to make a decision about her career choice after sitting in confusion about it for months.  Another player shared that after applying the tools she learned in the game, she realized that she had been depriving herself of life.  And another player was able to reconnect with joy again.


      In a loving, fun-filled space, “playing” the game helps one discover life’s treasures in ways that go beyond words.  The A*L*L Game has been described as mystical, and many players have had life-changing experiences.  I look forward to sharing The A*L*L Game with you!


“The A*L*L Game meets you exactly where you are with spirit and magic.  The guidance and healing have always been astonishing and profound.  Playing the game has built my faith in the seen and the unseen in beautiful, life-affirming ways.  I have been playing for many years now and each and every game surprises and delights me.”   ~ Tamia

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