Georgia Saler Histon, Dietitian / Nutritionist

RDN, Founder of Vitality

Georgia is an experienced Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist. She has been a Nutrition Consultant for Healthcare Centers since 2006. She believes that food nourishes the whole being. Her mission is to help others create a positive relationship with food and reap all the amazing benefits of eating a variety of whole foods.

Vitality Nutrition & Wellness Center


We promote and support vitality in the body, mind, and spirit by providing services that are customized to each client. Our founder, Georgia Saler RDN, specializes in helping people transition to not only a healthier diet but also a healthier lifestyle. 

Our Services

Love Your Body, Love Your Life

  • You really can have it all. You just need a roadmap to get there!  Just think: one year from now you could have the health you desire.

  • Since this program is a combination of one on one coaching as well as group dynamics, you can be assured that this an individualized program to help you reach your goals. 

  • This program is completely customized for where you are and where you want to be.

  • To find out if this is the right program for you, book a time to connect and let’s discuss how Love Your Body, Love Your Life can work for you.

Gene SNP DNA Analysis

  • This test looks at your DNA to determine your predispositions for things like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and more.

  • Our RD will work to create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will allow your ‘good; genes to flourish and your ‘bad’ genes to stay unexpressed or remain dormant

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Nutrition & Cooking


  • Live healthy cooking classes in our Linwood office that focus on easy and nutritious recipes

  • Our Registered Dietitian will show you how to prepare the meal from start to finish

  • Our Registered Dietitian will explain why these recipes are so healthy and give you tips on incorporating healthy ingredients into your everyday diet



  • This one on one therapy is designed specifically for you based on your physical, mental, and nutritional health.

  • We will work together to design a yoga therapy practice to meet your needs and address your goals. 

  • This will be written out for you to practice daily. During subsequent 1-hour visits, we will review your practice, and with your input, we may make changes and assess progress towards your goals.

Meditation Classes

  • Learn to unwind with our group meditation classes

  • Practice finding your center and being mindful and in the moment

  • One class per month is focused on mindful eating meditation to help you slow down at mealtime and tune into your body’s signals — not the signals in the environment around you

  • Learn techniques that can be used throughout your day to manage stress and tension


Nutrition Counseling

  • Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (on site or virtual)

  • Customized  plan tailored to fit your dietary and lifestyle needs

  • Access to our online food journaling software​



  • Our yoga classes are great for people of all skill levels

  • Our yoga instructors will help you throughout the class with your alignment and technique

  • We also offer private yoga therapy for people who would like more a individualized and symptom centered practice 

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